This is RAMhair ACADEMY.

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“The keys to success are simple.  Embrace your craft.  Give 100%.  Push the boundaries in creativity and innovation. 


Always take the fashion forward approach to your client, offering change and never forgetting that the clients salon experience is vital in our approach to the RAM Perfect Package. 


Follow these standards and you will achieve your goals.”


- The RAMhair Philosophy


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RAMhair ACADEMY was born to educate the next generation of hairdresser.

Founded by Robbie Mcgarva and Tom Evans-Jones, the Academy embodies all of the RAMhair cultural values and philosophy.

We believe that a strong and forward thinking education is the foundation of a successful and exciting career.  It is this belief that empowered us to create a new kind of hairdressing training journey, one that puts the trainee hairdresser at the center of the experience.

We believe that by building the education journey around what the new hairdresser needs to succeed, what the clientele that visit RAMhair salons are expecting and what is happening in the wider hairdressing industry we can create the RAMhair Perfect Education Package.

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